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Review: Infuzi

One of the more under-rated dining areas is the Biopolis, which is right opposite the much more well-known, and well-patronised, Rochester Park. This is despite the Biopolis having a much more convenient carpark and a huge landmass.

I suppose most of it has to do with visibiity, accessibility and appeal. Despite its practical attractions, the Biopolis is still, at heart, a research and bio-science facility, and any eatery located there suffers from that reputation and a general lack of publicity.


One such eatery is Infuzi, which has a name that's strangely in keeping with the Biopolis's scentific themes (its carparks have names like Helios and Nanos). The last time I was there was a few years ago, and I was surprised to learn that it was still soldiering on despite what must be a small clientele and fierce competition, especially since their prices are not all that cheap. Recently I returned to have lunch, which was supposedly more reasonable than having dinner.

Infuzi Interior

One of the most appealing things about Infuzi is its ambience. The floor-to-ceiling glass walls allow in plenty of light, and the cascading wooden tiles do justice to its name, while at the same time creating a visually-striking decoration.


My starter was a goat's cheese salad of baby spinach leaves and raspeberry vinaigrette, which was quite enjoyable, though the goat's cheese was slightly thick and sticky in the middle.

Beef Bourguignon

I had the beef bourguignon for my main course, and found that, while nicely presented, it was lacking a certain something. Firstly the meat was a little dry and flaky, and secondly the stew didn't taste like it had been cooked with red wine.

Pan-friend snapper

Another diner had the pan-fried snapper, which I include simply because I took a good photo of it.

Lemon Tart

One good thing about Infuzi is that it scores top marks in terms of food presentation. Although I wasn't eating the lemon tart, I found the decoration and contrast of colours appealing enough to take another photograph of it.

Fruit Roulade

My actual dessert was the fruit roulade, which wasn't as visually attractive as the lemon tart, and in terms of taste wasn't particularly memorable. I always feel that desserts should be the real stars of the meal, since they're the last thing a diner remembers; it would make sense to save the best for last.

Overall, I felt that $30 was rather too much to pay for a set lunch in general, and definitely pricey for the unimpressive food and limited selection. While I applaud the restaurant's bravery and perseverance, either its food or its pricing needs to undergo significant revision before it see more customers. Apart from that, location, service and ambience are all quite blameless.

Infuzi (Modern European)
10 Biopolis Road
#01-01 Chromos Block
Tel: 6478 9091

Location: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Service: 4/5
Food: 3/5
Overall: Promising, but pricey

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