Friday, April 03, 2009

Baby Shower food

Yesterday I had the pleasure of hanging out with a little girl and although she fussed when I stopped singing to her, I had a great time watching her watching me! It made me think of times we had had before she was born and the baby shower that awaited her arrival, which was held at D's house at the beginning of the year. How time has flown by! The picture above is of the clever name tags that guests were given to write and wear on their sleeve.

The first kudos definitely has to be given to Eileen from Eta Sweets. There are relatively few home bakers making macarons in Singapore and she is definitely one of those with a lot of baking background and style. Take a look at her site here and you'll see what I mean, it's all home-spun loveliness.

She made a lovely batch of mini macarons, packaged them into little acetate containers and wrapped them with ribbon to match the colour theme (pink and green) of our party. She was such a joy to work with and her mini macs were take-home favours for all the ladies.

I made a lemon meringue pie and red velvet cupcakes and D. unveiled a chocolate crocombouque from Deste that was really yummy, filled with cold chocolate ganache and drizzled with spun sugar strands and gold foil.

We had a tablefull of food for tea, savory foods like cherry tomato bruschetta and curry puffs and more sweets. It wasn't till later that I realized most Singaporeans don't practice this concept of a baby shower, but it's such a lovely reason to get together to celebrate! The most frequent question I was asked was what do people do at a shower? Well, eat of course, since this is Singapore but also share stories, play games and open presents, which are another good way for friends to help the mother-to-be cope with the swag of various baby equipment and salves that she will shortly need.

The two particularly hilarious games we played were one where guests used a ball of twine to guess the mother's waist circumference (experienced mothers definitely had the upper hand in this one) and another where we guessed the individual features (mother's or father's) that the mother was hoping for her child. The winners were given little tins of T2 green tea from Australia, tied with pink ribbon!

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