Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Fruitcake in Pictures

A few weeks ago, we posted about Christmas Fruitcake and received fantastic response. We spent the weekend baking the Christmas fruit that had been soaked for over a month in rum. (The glace cherries become a tan-gold colour after all the soaking, so being the traditionalist that I am, I chopped and soaked another batch of green and red glace cherries and candied peel, just so there would be a shot of colour through the cake!)

Although it was a fairly small run, for family and friends, it was the first time I got to bake in awhile and it really felt great. I'd forgotten how therapeutic it was, weighing out the butter, sugar, flour, toasting the nuts and folding the batter and citrus peel into a rich, moist crumb. The smell throughout the house was really heavenly and the stack of honey-brown, brandy-brushed cakes has been flying off the shelves! We managed to get these lovely photos to share of the entire, delicious process. Thank you for all your support and feedback and have yourself a Merry Christmas!

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