Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giveaway 2 update

We are in the processing of reviewing and contacting giveaway winners, so please leave us your contact details, it would be sad to miss out just because we can't call you back. As a sweetener, here are three additional items! The first is three tea tins of flower tea, from a boutique tea house in Beijing. These teas are each bulbs of Chinese tea that open into gorgeous pink lotus flowers or white jasmine flowers, they are really beautiful in glass or ceramic tea cups and perfect for tea parties or tea appreciation, for Chinese New Year or Grandma's birthday.

The second are festive yellow table runners. These table runners are each 2.7m in length by 45cm in width and beautifully finished with hemmed edges and a tapered ends. There are two patterns for these runners, one is a solid mustard yellow colour and the other is a fairly thin chrome yellow and white striped pattern, reminiscent of linen Ralph Polo Lauren shirts. Again, the picture is an approximation as the first runner pictured mixes both patterns together.

The yellow of the runners is slightly darker than what is pictured here, they are pure cotten and give a real pop of colour to your table. They are made to go over the edges of a large round or rectangular table and are perfect for parties or even a small, colour-coordinated wedding. We have 10 of each to give away, so please state how many you are interested in.

The second item is a set of three wrought iron candlebras, this picture is an approximation but they are fairly close. The three candle holders are lofted at different heights and have a single stem each with a fluted pattern only at the base (rather than all the way up as shown in this picture). They are made for table-top use and are a lovely accent for festive dinners.

Leave us a comment or contact with how to reach you if you would like to win these items and as usual, the receipient is responsible for picking them up.


carrie said...

Hi, I would like to request for 6 of the table runners - 3 of each pattern, as well as the set of candle holders.

Could I make a request for the bakeware or champagne glasses from your previous giveaway if they are still available as well?

I can be contacted through my email Please let me know if you need any other contact details.

Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I would like the flower teas please! My mom is very much the Chinese-tea fan and it would be nice enjoying them with her! Thank you!

Also, if you have a couple of wine glasses and bakeware left, I would gladly take them off your hands but if not, never mind! Thanks again for your generosity! :)

Unknown said...

After moving from Malaysia, I haven't resume my baking passion for long time because I didn't bring bakeware over. If only there is still bakeware left to give away. I will start baking again without buying all over again.

I would love to attempt the flower tea, it looks so beautiful.

Weylin said...

Hi LiYen,

We need contact information, please. Thanks!


crunch said...

We are interested in inviting you to a food tasting session for a new restaurant that will be launching soon. Could I have your email address to send you the details? Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you soon!
Olive Consulting

Unknown said...

Hi Weylin,

G'day! My contact infor:

Thanks heaps,
Li Yen

Söderberg said...

I really like the table runners, but I would be hard for me to pick them up since I live in Sweden...

Thanks for an very entertaining blog anyway!