Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Mich! Flowers, Macarons and Le Table du Remy

Michelle works in fashion and I love the latest collections from Lanvin, so the colour theme was a forest purple, mossy green and blue. When it comes to dinner though, is it important how the table looks?

Well, I'll be the first to admit, I'm a shallow, aesthetic person. To me, it's pretty dang important! Plus, hey, what's a party without a proper celebration?

And of course, it just gives me an excuse to muck around with flowers, balloons and match tablecloths with napkin rings, crockery and cutlery. Along with blue mittens and kittens, some of my favourite things.

I'm a big fan of nurseries and cold rooms. I'll do a later post on the different food and flower shopping destinations in Singapore and how to get the best deals but one thing to think about when you do get into flower arranging is you want to think about one, shapes and two, if you're going traditional or unusual.

Shapes refer to whether you're making a full vase arrangement, as in this case, or making something angular and tall like topiaries (wow, how Martha Stewart is that word, eh!), or triangular, or experimenting with unusual vase shapes and tropical flowers.

With regard to the type of flowers, I tend to gravitate toward the peach and terracotta roses just because those are the most common and thus frequently on sale but the shameful reality is, I actually find roses, sunflowers, gerberas rather declasse. I much prefer unusual flowers, hydrageas, lotus pods, peonies, rununculus, even cabbage roses. You'd be surprised, not many people know how to use them and hence these are often passed over and sometimes heavily discounted if you keep your eyes peeled!

I enlisted the help of Karen from Mad Baker for the party favours which were her absolutely gorgeous macarons and the birthday cake. Her macarons are hands-down the best I've tasted in Singapore, go order some from her today. And, she is an absolute sweetie and so easy to work with. I loved the order, loved her cheery and helpful attitude, loved her products, which entirely perked up the party.

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