Saturday, September 10, 2005

Review: Michelangelo's

Michelangelo's is the flagship restaurant of Angelo Sanelli, who was featured in the papers recently, as he's started a new cooking school called Bent Fork in Chip Bee Gardens just next to Shermay's Cooking School and down the road from his restaurants - Michelangelo's, Original Sin and Sistina.

Most of the reviews I've read of Michelangelo's have been nothing short of glowing, offering endless praise to Angelo's great hospitality, the impeccable service, the great food, and the overflowing wine list (no, seriously, it's like a Bible). With paens like that, I thought it was a safe bet for casual dinner with May, who had very kindly bought me this for my birthday:

Killer Apron
Does my blog look good in this?

Being located in Chip Bee Gardens has its disadvantages, and parking is definitely one of them. Not only do you have to pay per 30 minutes, it is not always easy to get a parking lot, let alone one close to the restaurant. Otherwise, it's quite nice to see an entire row of restaurants competing for your patronage. Michelangelo's offers both indoor and al fresco dining, which, unless you are an expat or a smoker or just very willing to perspire, you would do well to avoid.


The interior of Michelangelo's is very interesting, as the walls and ceilings are covered in murals. While they are not exactly worthy of the Sistine Chapel, they are certainly a welcome relief from cheap wallpaper and lots of glass. However, I dislike restaurants that are not well lit, and Michelangelo's sole source of lighting are little tabletop candles, forcing you to squint at your menu to place your order.

Vongole Ancora

As I was not very hungry, I opted for the Vongole Ancora, basically angel hair pasta served with clams in a white wine sauce and topped with a tomato confit ($26). This wasn't too bad (3/5), as the restaurant was very generous with their clams and garlic, but as a general rule I despise angel hair pasta.

<Birthday Tiramisu

One of the good things about Michelangelo's is that the staff are quite on the ball. Although our assigned waiter didn't do much apart from filling our glasses, a female waitress noticed me unwrapping my gift, and very kindly offered to take pictures for us, and after our dinner, a complimentary birthday tiramisu arrived from the kitchen.

As tiramisu goes, this one wasn't exactly mind-blowing (2.5/5). It could have done with substantially more coffee, and rather more alcohol as well. I don't know what liquid they were using to soak the base of the tiramisu, but the end result tasted more like sugar water than alchohol.

Michelangelo's (Italian)
Blk 44 Jalan Merah Saga #01-60
Tel: 6475 9069
Location: 4.5/5
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3/5
Food: 3/5
Overall: Disappointing, considering all the exalted reviews

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