Friday, June 09, 2006

Plug: Awfully Chocolate

There used to be a time, when "chocolate cake" in Singapore invariably meant Lana Chocolate Cake. Since then though, this venerable establishment has been challenged by more recent upstarts.

Foremost among these is Awfully Chocolate. I must admit, the first time I heard the name, I was somewhat skeptical. Purchasing cakes from a place called Awfully Chocolate was like buying wine from Sour Grapes. Plus the owner of Awfully Chocolate was one of the early lawyers who gave up the practice to venture into the F & B business, not exactly the best cake-making credentials. Additionally, every outlet has no display case, so you'd never know you were in a cake shop if you just happened to walk in.

But when I took the first bite of an Awfully Chocolate cake, I had to eat my words (as well as the cake). It was amazingly rich, and unlike a Lana cake, very moist. The fudge was wet and creamy, with the sponge dense yet neither dry nor stodgy.

Awfully Chocolate only sells chocolate cakes (what a surprise), but of three different sorts. They have a pure chocolate variety, unadulterated in any form, composed of chocolate sponge and chocolate fudge. Then there is chocolate and banana, which I've never tried, and finally chocolate rum and cherry, which incorporates rum-soaked cherries, adding to the moistness and flavour of the cake.

Since I work about ten minutes away, I decided to pop by their Republic Plaza outlet, and discovered that Awfully Chocolate also retails ice cream (chocolate, of course) for $3 a scoop.

Awfully Chocolate Ice Cream

Like their cakes, the ice cream is very rich and intensely chocolate. It's not particularly creamy or sweet, in fact the ice cream is quite thick and stiff, which I think complements the chocolate very nicely. The outlet at Republic Plaza also provides chairs for you to chill-out with a friend over some ice-cream.

Awfully Chocolate Girls

Probably the best reason to buy your cakes at Awfully Chocolate (the one at Republic Plaza, anyway), is the friendly and helpful staff the shop employs. Leanne and Alex are always on hand, ready to answer any questions you might have with chirpiness and enthusiasm. Ask them about the ice cream muscle.

The cakes go for $21-$26 per half kg, but if you're thinking of buying anything larger than that, be sure to order in advance, because they only stock the smallest cakes on site. While this is a little pricey, it's well-worth the money and calories for an occasional birthday treat.

Awfully Chocolate (casual)
9 Raffles Place
#01-16 Republic Plaza
Tel: 6535 6593
Opening Hours: 1030am - 7pm, closed Saturdays and Sundays

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Can I interview you via email? we are required to choose a SME for our research assignment and I chose Awfully Chocolate. We are required to interview the customers.

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