Saturday, June 02, 2007

Australia Day 3: Sydney, BBQ and Babes

This is my newborn niece, Emily. She has the prettiest grey eyes.

After work and the rushed drive back to the city, I washed up in the hotel quickly, then rushed out and caught a ride with my cousin back to his home north of Sydney for dinner. His wife, together with my aunt and uncle, had graciously invited me to a barbeque at their house, so that I could meet my newborn niece.

I'd never been to D and K's house before and was charmed by the wooded street and the lovely one-storey house with its spacious rooms and warm, cosy atmosphere. Emily's room in particular, was just a sweet bubble of freshly bathed baby smell, woven cot baskets and pastel terry linen.

These are my two shaven cousins, doing something quintessentially Australian, slaving over the bbq for our dinner, which was a big spread of marinated meats and seafood. Auntie E had picked up the succulent beef and lamb after work and made a stir fry vegetable to bring over. It was so nice, after being on the road, to be able to be in a home and have a regular family dinner. Before I left, I even got to watch Emily have her bath! All in all, a long but a really good day.

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