Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Best (Sun) Baked Breakfast

Finally a long weekend and my first weekend in Singapore for awhile. I decided to celebrate by actually making breakfast and of course, the good Chubby Hubby tempted us all with his ode to Pata Negra and Butter.

I on the other hand, had been tempted for a long while by these new Australian avacados that are now popping up everywhere in the stores. Unlike their blackened counterparts, these never go darker and yet they ripen into the most wonderful, firm, lucious richness.

They are available at Meida-Ya (for $1.90 each), Cold Storage ($1.80 each) and the Ghim Moh market and Pasir Panjang wholesale market fruit stalls (I forget but I'm betting it's cheaper than in supermarkets). Look at how you can just peel the skin off and it maintains its beautiful shape and turgidity.

I had bought two focaccia rounds from Swissbake at Guthrie House along Sixth Avenue the night before. I'd say that Swissbake is very good for crustry breads but not so good for soft, sweet ones but I actually like their focaccia better than specialty bread stores like Simple Bread.

If you are up for some travel though, then I'd suggest the rosemary or chipola bread from Peck from the Takashimaya basement or else Werner's Oven in East Coast for their 14 different types of sourdough.

Swissbake won out for its convenience of being next to a grocery store, so that I could pick up some goat's cheese, sun-dried tomato and a generous amount of parma ham. I made a relish by blending 50g of sun-dried tomato with a raw, skinned tomato and a spoonful of fig and date chutney.

After baking the focaccia for awhile, I sliced them open and layered butter, seed mustard and thick slices of avacado, then topped it a generous amount of goat's cheese, sun-dried tomato relish and parma ham, before toasting them whole.

I sliced them in half, plated them and brought them out to the pool so that we could eat in the sun. It was a beautifully sunny, bright morning and they were delicious and I think, very appreciated!

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