Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Review: Oomphatico's

It was one of those side thoughts, driven by the desire to go to the sale at I wanna go home, in Tanglin Mall. The sale was a wash and thankfully, dinner wasn't too bad. Z. wanted to go to Dan Ryan's, seduced by the potato skins and lumberjack-decor and truthfully, I too rather like the potato skins there. Or rather, I like potato skins, full stop.

However, upon passing this little cafe, I thought it was cute, with it's red and green decor and it had a perky counter of sweets. The outfit of the place is definitely brightly deliberate, with a lot of their chairs, as far as I can tell, coming from the furniture store above.

It is clearly also a rah-rah and healthy living sort of place to eat as they have coined little monikers for their dishes, you know what I mean? Like the so-good-you-have-to-order Spaghetti Bolognaise. The place serves an interesting variety of dishes, mostly soup and sandwich items but mixed in with a page's worth of Thai dishes, pineapple rice, pad thai, crispy rice cakes, that kind of thing. I couldn't decide if it was schizophrenic or strange.

We had the club sandwich which came with avocado, cheese, salad, tomatoes and sun-dried tomatoes. It was fairly regular but to their credit, the bread was moist and the the filling was fairly hearty. We also had the salad, which was beans, lettuce, sunflower seeds and tuna.

Both were fairly tasty, though probably not all that original and I guess it wasn't the sort of organic oomph I had expected. For $9-12 though, it was sufficient for a light dinner and we were charmed by the happy environment, as well as this mid-night Friday spectacular. A older sprightly-haired, heavily accesorized lady, presumably the owner, in very short shorts and hiking boots, stood up and with makeshift castinets (plastic water cups), announced with a deep bow, Ladies and Gentlemen, here....we believe in Living WELL.... have a great weekend and be Mad.

And they proceeded to conga around the restaurant, dragging in happy customers (mostly schoolkids) to join in with the staff. I was amused. A happy little place, I'd come back during the day for tea and so I can try out some of those good-looking desserts.

163 Tanglin Road
#01-03 & 01-35/36 Tanglin Mall
Tel: 6733 9088

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