Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Review: Crystal Jade Golden Palace

I often get asked my favourite place for dim sum and it is far and away this place, the Crystal Jade Golden Palace at Paragon. The first reason definitely has to be the location- much as I never go to to Orchard Road anymore, there's nothing quite like a Sunday stroll down that stretch to feel like you're "going out".

The restaurant is actually a Teochew one but they do many Cantonese styles of dim sum. I find their menu fairly wide, though perhaps not as extensive as Lei Garden. On this particular day, we had the favourites, har gao, siew mai, charsiew and rice rolls type dim sum, as well as some more interesting ones, like the battered and fried silverfish, fried tofu and a banana prawn pancake.

I find the refinement in the cooking and thin but supple wrapper skins the best at this location. They also have the regular soups and more substantial dishes like stir-fry vegetables and an excellent braised goose and soft tofu, so it tends to be a comfort food-type location.

My favourite dish is the teochew fresh fish porridge, unlike regular porridge, this is a watery porride served in a beautiful clear broth, steamed with white pomfret and heaped with delicate sprigs of cilantro, slices of ginger and crispy salt fish. At the end of the inveriably heavy meals, you are served a cup of bitter chinese tea, to "wash" away the oil.

Crystal Jade Golden Palace
290 Orchard Road #05-22/24 Paragon
Tel: +65 6734 6866

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