Friday, June 26, 2009

Review: PS Cafe

The funny thing about PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance is that I never really knew it was there. All this time, I had always gone to the Dempsey Road PS Cafe- maybe it's because the PS Cafe at Palais Renaissance is really small and tucked away in the midst of clothing shops.

Still, my visit here confirmed what I had been told, that the food here is indeed superior to the other PS Cafes, especially for brunch. I also love the decor of this place, the black and white colonial mosiac tiles, the high, rafted ceiling, the use of glass and natural light and the beautiful luscious flower arrangements that the owners make themselves.

This doesn't mean that the food couldn't be better. The Heuvos Ranchos that we had, although very fulfilling in concept, was a skinny little sausage (halved) that would hardly satisfy the appetites of male diners. However, the dips were surprising good, the burgers, heady truffle mushroom soup and egg-based dishes did not disappoint, as I guess they shouldn't, when you're paying $40 a head for brunch!

They roll out specials at their different locations every week or so and I have to say that the food at all the locations has improved and the restauranteur concept has become stronger now that they have a veritable chain of outlets. The food is fairly heavy and not to everyone's taste (read: few people over 50 spotted) but if you are hungry and enjoy the lazy, casual-chic ambience of the location, it is worth it, especially if you are entertaining a group. It is a lovely, relaxing and luxurious way to start off your weekend.

PS Cafe
Level 2, Palais Renaissance Shopping Centre
390 Orchard Road
Tel: + 65 9834 8232

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