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Miscellaneous Food: Hariann's Delights

I've made my pineapple tarts, have you? I'm only done half, as I made a copious amount of jam this year and even then I wound up with 6 trays of luscious, filled-to-the-brim tarts.

If you are not the baking sort, I have a treat for you. I'm a big fan of Harriann's Delights, a nonya kueh-shop that makes the best Ondeh-ondeh. I tried these for the first time at a friend's home and was blown away by the warm, drippy, savoury gula meleka goodness and the sweet, thin-skinned covering of sweet potato dough and dessicated coconut. They also make a chocolate version of Ondeh-ondeh, which was also really popular.

This business is a multi-generational one, the sort I love because they make everything with such pride and attention to detail. Their pumpkin cake and other kuehs make for great party food, treats and gifts. In the Chinese New Year season, they are also making traditional chinese new year cookies, though I would also buy their kuehs to offer at my home.

The other thing I love about their products is how affordable it is to buy a variety for guests. Their original, chocolate, peanut and yam Ondeh-ondeh are $1.20-1.60/4 pieces and their Kueh Pulut and Kueh Salat are $1/2 pieces. The Kueh Kosui is $1/5 pieces. The glutinous rice and pumpkin cakes average $1.50-2 per serving.

Their Chinese New Year goodies range from the traditional pineapple tarts, peanut cookies, Kueh bangkit and love letters to the more unusual green pea cookies, melon seed wafers and honeycomb snacks. These are also very reasonably priced at $10-12 a bottle.

These pictures were generously provided to us by Sharon, who can be reached at 81748429 or for orders. She is part of the third generation taking the craft to new heights and she graciously answered our 6 burning questions, which we love to ask of food businessses and entreprenuers. Enjoy!

Tell us about why and how you started this business?

Some 40 years ago, my grandmother sold Nonya Kueh to make ends meet and bring up her two children after her husband passed away suddenly in an accident. When she got on in years, she handed the business over to my father (Harry) who then founded HarriAnn's Delights with my mother (Annie) at the flagship stall in Tiong Bahru market.

By word of mouth, HarriAnn's has since amassed lots of fans and in order to cater to the Today's Customer, we have decided to modernize our shop front and packaging whilst at the same time still continue to produce hand-made and premium quality Nonya Kueh. This decision sparked the birth of the brand new HarriAnn's Delights!

Tell us about your vision for your food or your brand.

To be a leader in the Nonya delicacy market, especially in the perfection of the making of Ondeh Ondeh. And also to constantly strive to deliver the best quality food, beverages, services and value to all our esteemed customers.

What does it take to do what you do?

Must have a great respect for valuable tradition but at the same time be creative and innovative to meet the demands of the modern day customer. [Plus the ability to wake up as early as 4 am to prepare the food fresh every morning, =p]

Who are your food inspirations?

Dad and Mom. Dad for his creativity in his culinary fare - He is always in the kitchen experimenting with new flavours and tastes and surprising all of us with what he can dish up. And Mom for her steadfastness in harnessing traditional methods to ensure the food she produces is authentic and delicious. Together, Dad and Mom have created many unique and popular recipes for HarriAnn's Delights.

Tell us what you like and a personal quirk that you have.

I appreciate creativity and value for money and I look for that in products and services. The vendor needs to have a honest transparency of the products / services provide. A personal quirk that I have is that I drink only piping hot soup. Anything less and it has to be re-heated. This does not apply to any other beverages though. Guess that makes me all the more Teochew?

What would your last meal be?

Steaming hot rice over raw eggs 蛋捞饭. This is a very simple and humble dish that requires the freshest ingredients and the right balance of seasoning. Brings back memories of my childhood and reminds me that food has to be real and wholesome. Great tasting food need not always be lavish...

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