Sunday, January 20, 2013

Miscellaneous: Triple Meyer Lemon and Blueberry Cake

Our latest bake was a beautiful, classic cake, I had been having a craving for something springtime and pale yellow. We made several layers of pure lemon cake and then some moist, sour cream lemon pound cake, studded with blueberries. You can use any one of the recipes available online, from Sweetapolita or Martha Stewart, to create the cake. Then you stack each half alternately onto each other, beginning and ending with the flat bottom of each cake and sandwiching each layer with lemon curd that I'd made from a bag of seasonal Meyer lemons I'd picked up. The cake was crumb-coated with plain butter cream, set for an hour and then coated with pale yellow butter cream.  

As it was though, the palette of ivory, white and pale yellow made for a very understatedly gorgeous, if a little feminine, cake. The cake was rather thick, it must have stood at a good three and a half to four inches tall, so each slice should be cut fairly thin. It was dense and lemony, sandwiched in lemon curd and a delicious balance between sour and sweet. It was particularly good with an afternoon black coffee.

Although I was ambivalent between leaving the top of the cake plain and topping it with lemon curd, for consistency, I opted to pipe a shell border and spread a thin layer of curd along the top. I also think the cake would look very sophisticated with a tan-coloured salted caramel cream, a circumference of white icing and a topper of white flowers.

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