Friday, September 13, 2013

Review: Kith Cafe, Sentosa Cove

Have you seen how the other half lives? I recently took a trip to the W Hotel, our friends were having a staycation there and I'd read on Chubby Hubby's blog about Kith Cafe, which is along the panoramic waterfront promenade just off the hotel. This stretch is given over to food, with shops for Belgium mussels and frites, pizzerias, tapas bars and all the usual non-Singaporean fare.

Kith Cafe has a branch in Robertson Quay, which I'd never been to, but the simplicity and Australian-ess of their food advertising caught my eye and we went out there with some friends to try it. It was definitely an experience. Firstly, try to get there early, like, before 9am. I know that sounds obscenely non-Singaporean, to be up this early on a weekend, but otherwise, it becomes a swamp of white people, their kids, their dogs and their glamourous young Asian wives. Before you accuse me of stereotyping, oh, I wish I was! It was like an ode to foreign money and privledge in Singapore. It was really quite something and it was a treat to be there, amongst the beautiful and well-heeled (I was distinctly of neither category but to give them credit, there is a relative democracy of patrons).

The food is large-portioned, generous and tasty. It is simply cooked, simply presented and it's exactly what you need for breakfast or brunch. The surroundings are breezey and beautiful, exactly what you would expect when looking over million dollar boats in a private marina. It felt like a different world and I really think they have done a fantastic job with the wide boulevards of both the promenade and Sentosa Cove generally. 

We managed to try almost all the dishes with our large group, we had the Big Breakfast equivalent, eggs, sausage, toast and tomatoes, the Mexican scramble with spicy sausage, capsicum, black truffle and onion, the pulled pork with a fried egg, the fruit muesli. It was all excellent, especially the thick slices of sourdough bread and quite affordably priced- by this I don't mean that it was cheap, at $15-17 a plate but that it was cheaper than other brunch places, which if you have noticed, have all hiked their prices to an average of $20. 

It is a lovely spot for a morning hang-out and if you have kids, have older folk or have just never been, it is entirely worth a visit. For an eye-opener, tour the architectural beauties that make up the wide lanes of Sentosa Cove- they have these gated-estate community names reminiscent of Levitttown or Los Angeles- Lakeshore Boulevard etc, with their own endless summer pontoons and Miami-esque sportscars. It really is pretty surreal. 

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