Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Christmas Orders 2013!

Thank you for your warm and wonderful support. As of 4th November, we are sold out of the all the Christmas Cakes and pies that we intend to make. We look forward to a aroma-filled kitchen and delivering these to you over December. Have a family-filled and festive Christmas season!

We are in the process of preparing for our festive season and can't wait to be surrounded by the warm aromas of rum, fruit, nuts and vanilla! We'd like to share our Christmas cakes with you and have, as in previous years, put some of our cakes up for order. They are available to all, but unfortunately only for pick-up in Singapore. We are running out pretty quickly, so place your orders today and help us spread the word! 

Our belief is that baking should be done with quality ingredients and the ease of time and care. We want to put out products that smell as good as they taste and delight to us, is creating and being part of delicious, beautiful and nutritious meals and celebrations.  For our Christmas Cake, this means soaking good fruit for close to three months, toasting the nuts and folding the batter, good brandy and citrus peel into a rich, moist crumb. 

In addition, we have two other cakes, our Sour Cherry Pie has individually pitted (we think it is worth the trouble!) fresh black cherries and sour morello cherries stewed into a mellow sweetness, wrapped in crumbly, flaky lattice pastry and our Orange Sugee Cake. Our orange sugee cake is a lighter take on the traditional classic and has a fragrant, moist crumb, folded into a dense almond batter that's baked into a honey brown goodness. It goes really well with a late-night glass of port, after the kids and Santa have gone to bed!

The cakes are for collection on the 7th/8th and the 14th/15th weekend of December and are also available for the 24th/25th January weekend, right before Chinese New Year.  They are $50 for a 6x6 inch boxed square cake and $50 for the 8 inch pies.  Alternative pick up dates can be accommodated, please add a note and drop us a mail at with your order, contact number and preferred pick up date, which we will do our best to accomodate. Please note that your order is not confirmed until you hear back from us.

Please note the email above- after the last couple years, we’ve decided to roll our collective baking adventures into Monk’s Hill Bakery, named after the magical, cosy little black –and-white flat where we used to gather, bake and laugh. You see, where we used to live is a real Old Singapore place, which borders Winstedt Road and Clemenceau Road North, near where Newton Hawker Center is now. Before the 1950s, it was the site of a Chinese monastery, hence the name Monk's Hill. Most of the buildings named for the area, like Monk's Hill School, have moved away as the place gentrified, but it is still a beautiful patch of green, in the middle of the city, sloping uphill toward the back of the Istana, small roads where you can almost imagine the monks used to walk. 

While you can still contact us via the blog, we realized that to better monitor our orders, new bakes and custom cake and iced cookie requests, we need to centralize them into one place. We're also really excited to standardise the purchasing of ingredients and pretty-up our packaging, we have a beautiful idea in mind for this year's Christmas boxes and can't wait for you to see it! 

Thank you so much for your support in the past and have a glorious and meaningful festive season ahead. We look forward to hearing from you! 

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