Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Miscellaneous Food: Birthday Mom 2006

To celebrate my mother's birthday this year, my sister and I (mainly my sister, I only contributed a starter) cooked dinner for our family over the weekend. Recipes won't be provided, since most of them are varaitions of familiar themes found elsewhere on this blog.

Cauliflower puree with dashi jelly and ikura roe

The amuse-bouche was a shot of cauliflower puree topped with dashi jelly and ikura roe. The saltiness of the roe was offset by the bland cauliflower puree, though I didn't really taste the dashi jelly.

Momotaro tomato stuffed with aubergine caviar

The first starter was a dish of Japanese Momotaro tomatoes stuffed with aubergine caviar and served on a bed of mixed salad dressed with a simple vinaigrette. These Japanese tomatoes are extremely sweet and go a long way to making any dish a success. Note to self: next time don't waste so much balsamic vinegar when drizzling.

Flamed tuna

My sister had some fun searing the tuna belly with a blowtorch (propane high!)...

Tuna belly

In order to produce the second starter: seared tuna belly served with fig jam and daikon cress.

Pumpkin-crabmeat soup

Next up was a pumpkin and crabmeat bisque. A very sweet soup, as the pumpkin was complemented by a generous helping of sweet crabmeat.

Lamb bolognaise rigatoni

Our main course was rigatoni a la bolognese, using minced lamb in place of the usual beef, which resulted in a more robust ragout. The pasta was slightly overcooked, which tends to happen when cooking in large quantities, but it wasn't really a problem.

All in all a superb dinner, probably better and cheaper than eating out.

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