Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Review: Island Creamery

Ice cream parlours are all the rage these days, with many boasting their own creative flavours. The Daily Scoop, Eskimo and Wild Hisbiscus are some names that spring to mind.

Island Creamery

But surely the pioneer must have been Island Creamery, with the Tiger Beer and Ginger ice creams that set tongues wagging all across town. Previously occupying only a small corner of Serene Centre, doing mostly takeaways, Island Creamery has now expanded considerably and has become a place for young people to congregate. In the day, students drop by after school, and at night, friends come to relax and enjoy a nice cool ice cream.

Ice Cream

Unfortunately, Island Creamery doesn't seem to make such funky flavours, sticking to more reliable tastes like Teh Tarik, Coconut and Reverso (Chocolate and oreo). They serve other things like banana splits and shakes, but most people come for the ice cream. It is said that they also come for the pretty girls behind the counter, but this is of course hearsay.

A single scoop of ice cream will set you back $3.50, which is quite a fair bit. So far I've tried the coconut and reverso flavours, and found both to be quite agreeable. Island Creamery makes their ice cream quite thick, which does cause it to stick a bit to your throat, so it's best to wash it all down with the cups of water they provide. The reverso, in particular, with chunks of crumbly oreo cookies, is likely to cause sore throats in large quantities.


Island Creamery still runs a pretty successful retail business, selling their ice creams in nice white tubs, as well as other sweet things like baked alaskas and ice cream cakes.

Wall of Fame

Another thing that makes this place popular with young people is its friendliness. There is a Wall of Fame feature that is absolutely plastered with photos. In fact, you're encouraged to take a picture using a digital camera suspended from the ceiling.

So if you're in the mood for some ice cream after lunch or dinner, or a place to relax, Island Creamery is definitely a venue to consider.

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