Monday, July 31, 2006

KL trip: Day Three

We decided to stay within Cititel Mid Valley Mall on our final morning, so we roamed the mall looking for some breakfast.


I'm a sucker for doughnuts, so I had to stop by Dunkin' Doughnuts with their multi-coloured sweet rings for a little mid-morning sugar rush. Had a chocolate-filled doughnut that was sweet and sinful and kept me very happy.


We saw this popiah shop on our first day, so we decided to have some for our breakfast. It's supposed to be a 'crispy popiah', thanks to a generous helping of roasted peanuts and what I think was toasted crumbs. So it certainly was quite crispy, but I thought they were a bit heavy on the sweet sauce.

Food Junction

Unfortunately, breakfast was much more interesting than lunch, since we decided to eat at the local food court, coincidentally named "Food Junction", much like the similarly-named chain here.

Penang Kway Teow

Similar food too - I had a bowl of Penang Kway Teow in clear soup, which wasn't as good as the one I had had the night before.

Claypot rice

Other offerings included claypot rice and fried Penang kway teow, which weren't all that impressive - a fairly insipid ending to our eating journey in KL.

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