Friday, March 14, 2008

Recipe: Meatball Pasta

One of the things about having kids over, you have to think about what they will eat. This is one of the most acceptable pastas to simple tastes and also the most delicious, I love it myself!

I must caveat that the recipe isn't mine and comes from a cook with far more personality and charisma than myself, if you couldn't tell from the ad verbatim instructions below.

My only contribution is that the central idea for this dish is you should take as long to make the pasta sauce as the pasta takes to cook in the hot water. Then you can drain the pasta and toss it straight into the fat of the sausages.


1. Make pasta normal, put salt in your water
2. Buy good sausages, cut the skin, squeeze it out into small balls and fry the *expletive* out of it
3. Fry some onions and garlic and mushrooms, if you have any
4. Throw in two cans of chopped tomatoes
5. You can put in a spoonful of tomato paste, if you have it. Also, you can add halved cherry tomatoes or spinach
6. Basil and parsley should be added both while cooking and when near complete, or if you're contrary, garnish with chopped cilantro and shaved parmesan

*By good sausages, what is meant is premium veal or pork herbed sausages from say, the Swiss Butchery or grocers. Also, as I have learned the hard way, you want to use English sausages that are uncooked and soft inside their skins, so that they are easy to reshape. Avoid the cooked, regular frankfurters.

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